Intricacies of Sound, or Why We Like What We Like

I grew up with an angry, alcoholic father. Suffice it to say there was a fair share of yelling in the house. I’m all grown up now and I’ve never thought twice about what that may have done to me, now that I am older. I never thought it would affect my musical tastes, but the mind is a richly latticed work of evolutionary art, and everything is connected. Waxing on my past got me thinking: Why do we like the music we like? There is no definitive answer, but there are many theories out there.

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Suicide In C-Minor, by Joseph Mastropiero

It’s February, 1936. Winter has left a frozen sheen on the Danube, and a fresh coat of snow blankets the house of Joseph Keller, shoemaker. Joseph Keller is dead, at his own hand. Budapest police are there, investigating, ruining the perfection of freshly fallen snow with heavy boots and cigarette butts. It appears that Mr. Keller has left a suicide note.

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Take a Load Off with the World’s Most Relaxing Song

Clear your mind…
Close your eyes…
Count to three…

WAIT! Don’t close your eyes; how would you read this article? Stress has become a prominent health risk in our high-speed, modern society. You need to find relaxation wherever you can get it. But not everyone has time for yoga, meditation, or a cup of tea. Luckily enough for you, developments in sound therapy can help you lower your blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels in just over eight minutes. That’s only half a coffee break!

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