Band Bonding: An Interview with Nick Hexum of 311

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Nick Hexum, Singer/Guitarist for 311, spoke with me through email just days before hitting the stage in the NY/NJ/PA areas in June of last year.

Matt: 311 as a band have been around for 23 action-packed years. What is it about the band that not only makes the music so relevant today, but allows the band to be able to draw such large crowds at arenas and amphitheaters nationwide?

Nick: I think it’s a combination of a lot of things. 311 fans feel a connection with us and each other that make it more than just a concert. It’s an experience. As a band, we are committed to putting on a great show. We work very hard to make sure it’s exciting and that there’s something new each time. And, we’re just lucky!

Matt: The UNITY Tour has been a staple tour for the past 10 summers. Why is it important to keep the legacy of the tour and the positive vibes from the tour alive?

Nick: We feel we’re on a mission to bring people together. There’s so many forces trying to separate people, the world needs more Unity!

Matt: 311 has now done 3 cruises to the Caribbean with a shipload of fanatic fans. What brought on the decision to do Cruises?

Nick: Ever since 311 Day started, fans have enjoyed turning one of our special shows into a vacation. When Sixthman, the cruise promoter approached us, we realized it would be a perfect fit for our music. Tropical, rockin’ music on the high seas!

Matt: Rumors are swirling about new music and an upcoming release. What can you reveal about this?

Nick: We have 13 killer new songs written and pre-produced. With Scotch Ralston, our soundman and longtime studio collaborator producing this new collection, the ideas have been flowing like a waterfall. We’re going to record the songs when we get home in the fall and put this record out in Spring 2014!

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