Stormageddon Recommends… Week #2

This week I’m recommending first single from Tatiana DeMaria, the front woman for TAT who is working on a solo record. Her song “Too Much” is a fast paced pop/rock/punk mash up. I love the pace of this track. Gets me rockin’. Also I love Tatiana’s voice she is one of my all time favorite vocalists. She has such incredible range and power.

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CCP Ep. #250: Fifth Anniversary Special | The Honest, Earnest, Authentic, and True Podcast

A Critical Look at Criticism: It’s our FIFTH anniversary! That’s five seasons at fifty episodes a piece, covering nearly that many albums, topics, as well as debates over what many would consider a trifling corner of cultural discourse. Five years has taught us that music truly is a boundless medium. And so, in our album discussions—incorporating everything from literary analogies to politics, psychology, sociology, life, love, pain, sorrow, and ever more complex conditions—we strive to honor artists’ hard labor by (at the very least) participating in combined acts of analysis, brainstorming, ruthless criticism, and garrulous adulation. It’s a mixed bag, but we hope, a fruitful one.

In this episode, we will be:
• Reflecting on the project;
• Discussing the barriers between criticism and analysis;
• Championing the merits of fact-checking;
• Discussing logical fallacies, laws, and rhetorical gibberish;
• Citing examples of specific critics and critical works, from Glenn Gould, to Pitchfork, to Yahtzee, and RedLetterMedia, where language, rhetoric, and satire have all aided the work, for good and for ill;
• Coming to terms with our own fallacies, clichés, and internet nonsense.

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Band Bonding: An Interview with Kat Pace

Kat Pace is a singer/songwriter and actress from Philadelphia, who lives and writes in New York City.  With the release of her three-song EP ‘Survivor’ in June 2014, she is currently working on a full-length album, due out in Spring 2017.  Below is an interview she did with Matt Storm that was intended for release on Crash Chords: Autographs, but was delayed due to technical issues.  The audio, unfortunately, was irrecoverable, but a transcript was saved! Enjoy reading this detailed chat with Matt & Kat on the ins and outs of the music industry, her background, writing process, plans for the future, advice for up-and-coming musicians, and a healthy aside on Hamilton, show tunes in general, and other genre trailblazers.

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Ep. #54 – An Evening with Stormageddon

This week marks a special episode of the series with your host, Matt, forgoing his usual interview to get candid & cozy with you—yes, YOU—the listener. Sit back as he gently inundates you with a barrage of events, updates, media recommendations, and some words of wisdom. In the way of events, he pitches some upcoming shows where he’ll be DJing and stage managing as Stormageddon. Listeners can also enjoy a brief rant on what should be the values of all artists—nay, persons alike, those being the tenets of professionalism & integrity. Then, prepare yourself as Matt bombards you with a series of updates, name-drops, & recommendations: from podcasts to movies, music, games, and theater. He discusses the ‘art of the playlist’ and invites listeners to check out some of his favorite compilations (all of which can be found on his Spotify page). With some final thoughts on a prospective Q&A series that caters to listeners of the series and lovers of music, here’s presenting Matt Storm (a.k.a. Stormageddon).

Photo of Stormageddon by David L. Byrd

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For Pete’s Sake! How Can We Podcast Today?

For Pete’s sake, there doesn’t seem to be a podcast today… for Pete’s sake! That’s right. For Pete’s sake. Didn’t you know? It’s annual “For Pete’s Sake Day!” And for the love of Pete, how could we go through with a podcast on this time-honored holiday? For Pete’s sake! How dare you suggest!?  Honest to Pete, I’m surprised we have to tell you these things. But there’s no cause for swearing in the name of Pete; we’re back starting next week!

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CCP Today? No Way! It’s National Lighthouse Day!

Happy National Lighthouse Day! In honor of this treasured and most stoic of holidays, we’re taking the day off to ponder the sounds of waves lapping relentlessly against the rocky outcrops lurking just off our nation’s shores. O, those loneliest of islands! Tangibly close, they are as remote an item of terra firma as the Arctic coasts or the mid-ocean islands. A stone’s throw away, but too small to be of any use, these lands are peripheral, ignored, and insignificant…

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