Ep. #11 – Feat. SkyBlew

Perhaps underrated in the dark corners of music criticism is the importance of spreading positivity in the medium. Thankfully this necessity is not only considered, but passionately realized by today’s guest, SkyBlew, the 23-year-old rap prodigy who lives by the slogan, “I don’t rap… I paint the Sky Blew.” With the release of his new record, SkyBlew’s UNModern Life, he conveys this philosophy in a variety of ways, from the album’s smooth tones and warm imagery to his heartfelt lyrics about overcoming setbacks. With Matt, SkyBlew discusses the theme of positivity and how surprisingly rare it is across multiple genres. He also celebrates his passions by dabbling in nerdcore, which he expresses to Matt along with his influences, his aspirations, and a deep love for anime. All this and how the artist got his start in today’s uplifting interview!

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