Ep. #28 – ‘Vinyl Day’ at Barnes & Noble | Feat. Joe Mastropiero

Crash Chords covers ‘Vinyl Day’ at Barnes & NobleLIVE! In honor of the retail giant’s exclusive marketing event, merchandise manager Joe Mastropiero invited Crash Chords’s own Matt Storm & Steve Nagel to conduct a ‘live audience’ podcast through CC: Autographs. Held on July 25th, 2015 (in the music section of Barnes & Noble’s Staten Island outlet), Matt & Steve confronted Joe on all things vinyl related, media related, marketing related, and Joe related! Listen in for some hard-hitting questions on the status of the beloved music format, followed by an up-close (and public) interview with the music-loving proprietor. Finally, we wrap up by taking some amazing questions from our delightfully curious audience. Many thanks to all who came! Now let the spinning begin!

[The views of Joe Mastropiero do not necessarily reflect those of Barnes & Noble.]

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