Ep. #40 – Feat. Spose

Today, Matt welcomes a rapper called Spose from Wells, Maine. Spose’s latest projects have included a collaborative record with Cam Groves called We Smoked It All 3: The Album and a solo record called Why Am I So Happy? Both were released in 2015. Matt had first seen Spose perform when he was in town with MC Chris and MC Lars in 2014—the same show in which MC Lars was interviewed for CCA Ep. #13. As that inevitably launches into a discussion of MC Lars’s uniquely supportive personality, Spose also chats about his dual influences from rap and rock, and who helped to inform his art & career. They also discuss Spose’s writing process, including an in-depth track breakdown of Why Am I So Happy? Finally, they discuss the effect that current events have had on Spose’s music, along with how he connected with the artist Watsky on the track “Nobody”. Enjoy!

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w/ Jared Sochinsky of Parade Grounds

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