Ep. #50 – Feat. The Return of Mikal kHill

For the 50th episode of Autographs, Matt welcomes back a guest you might remember from Ep. #8: solo rapper and founder of the rap group ThoughtCriminals, Mikal kHill. As of today, his brand new record Human Disaster is available on Bandcamp, an album long in the making, the details of which kHill shares with Matt in this episode. kHill also discusses his other projects, including two weeks notice, the ThoughtCriminals, and a song from his previous record The Snuggle Is Real called “light of day” (featuring Jesse Dangerously). Experienced in beat production, he also discusses what went into producing Adam WarRock’s latest record Gifted Student. And so, from the artist’s future plans to a delightful tangent on the game Skyrim, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Mikal kHill.

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