Ep. #68 – Feat. Mischief Night

Today, Matt welcomes Marcus Kitchen, Mallory Feuer, and Andy Siegel, the three members of the band Mischief Night. A psychedelic rock band from Brooklyn, NY, Mischief Night has a new music video out for the song “With Me, Now!”, the second single off their newest album, The Great American Worm, to be released this April. Among discussing the band’s musical beginnings, as well as the numerous other projects they are currently involved with, Marcus goes into great detail about the process of putting together the new record and how his writing process works. Meanwhile, Andy touches upon his role as the band’s newest member, and Mallory discusses what it’s like being a touring musician and what she loves about playing live. And so, from the band’s musical influences to Marcus’s additional role in the director’s chair, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Mischief Night.

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