Ep. #75 – Feat. Kati Delaney and Robare James Pruyn-Bush

Today, Matt welcomes Kati Delaney and Robare James Pruyn-Bush. Both previous guests on the Crash Chords Podcast, Kati Delaney is an animator and voice-over artist while Robare is a music producer and musician who is a member of many different bands including Rare Spirits, The Waysties, and The Rose West just to name a few. Kati and Robare both hail from Philadelphia, where this interview was recorded on location in their studio. With Matt, Kati chats about her ever-expanding voice-over career working with the YouTube channels TheRichest, TheTrendy, and TheThings. She has also now branched out into recording audio books. Robare talks about producing and recording the Rare Spirits 3-song EP Dram and also about his production style and what it’s like to work with stubborn or difficult musicians. And so, from all things production to voice-over work, to the mutual past shared between them and your host, here’s presenting Matt Storm, Kati, and Robare.

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w/ Waylon K. Smith of The Positronic Cats

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