Ep. #82 – Feat. Mac Rogers

Today Matt welcomes Mac Rogers, a playwright hailing from NYC. Founding member of Gideon Productions, Mac Rogers has written the plays Frankenstein Upstairs, Universal Robots, and The Honeycomb Trilogy (including Advance Man, Blast Radius, and Sovereign). He is also the writer of a new 14-episode narrative podcast Steal the Stars — a serial noir science fiction heist. With Matt, Mac chats about Gideon Media partnering with Tor Labs to bring Steal the Stars to life; they chat about its casting process and how they decided on Ashlie Atkinson as the lead. Matt asks how Mac got his start as a writer, and what inspired him to dive deep into sci-fi on the stage. And so, from the difficulties in portraying and high quality science fiction in the theater—without the use of special effects—to the challenges of writing a podcast versus a play, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Mac Rogers.

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w/ Rob Malvagno and Kevin Cassidy from Despyre

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