CCP Ep. #105: Redeemer of Souls by Judas Priest

You should be very attracted to today’s album if you’re a magnet. It’s our “metal-est” yet! Judas Priest, veteran metal-heads and forerunners of the genre, has never abandoned the stage or their fans — so we think it only fair to check in on their latest work, Redeemer of Souls. Steeped in its own archetype, the iconic guitar solo is a primary feature of the album, built to shred its way into our hearts, if not, at least our curiosity. We take some time then to discuss the solo as a breathing figure of the modern age and a reflection of narrative thought. We also discuss how its moments of inspiration have been captured for posterity.

Next week’s review:
Complete Surrender by Slow Club

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  1. Crash Chords Corrections:
    On Track 1, “Dragonaut”, the word-fusion actually combines a dragon and a juggernaut [a force to be reckoned with], as opposed to a dragon and an astronaut [a force to be laughed at].

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