CCP Ep. #135: The Pale Emperor by Marilyn Manson

Once known as a controversial figure in music for his peculiar image, scathing lyrics, and perceived negative influence, Marilyn Manson’s impact as a counter-culture figure in the 90s has undoubtedly bled into the present day. What’s more, the band and their eponymous frontman are still at it! Let’s dive into Manson’s ninth studio album, The Pale Emperor, and see how it fares. Finally, join us for a brief chat on what it means to be a frontman or frontwoman in a brand-building enterprise. When is it more effective to market a single entity as opposed to a collective? Could this be considered an “affront” to its other members? What’s your take?

Next week’s review:
Hesitant Alien by Gerard Way
Guest: Robare James Pruyn-Bush

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