CCP Ep. #141: Nocturne by Wild Nothing | Featuring Devin Jackson Mullen of Anxious Kids Make Good People

Anxious Kids Make Good People (AKMGP): the acronym, the axiom, and the “-nym” are all coined by today’s guest, Devin Jackson Mullen, who writes & performs under the namesake. Straight from his career in sound design and the release of his latest EP, Radio Fire Flies, Devin joins our team to unveil the 2012 album Nocturne by Wild Nothing (the brainchild of Virginia-based artist Jack Tatum.) After Devin helps us break apart the album, we go on to break apart Devin! Figuratively, that is. For those who can’t wait, Devin’s interview begins at 1:25:37. For his three groovy surprises however, you’ll have to hunt.

Next week’s review:
Hand. Cannot. Erase. by Steven Wilson

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  1. This is Devin’s father. Really enjoyed the podcast (yes I did listen to the whole thing). Your deconstruction of the album was….harrowing. I’m glad I’m not a musician. Great work.

    • Thanks for the listen, Mr. Mullen! Despite the harrowing experience, we’re glad you enjoyed it. Indeed, art is a battle over thin lines, but whether harrowing, sobering, or enlightening, it’s all worth it! Best of wishes to the artist’s future endeavors. As for Devin, he was a pleasure to have on! His astute perspectives were a welcomed counterpoint. To say nothing of his music, I’m sure you’re very proud!

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