CCP Ep. #150: Music Podcasts | Analyzing our Peers

Welcome to our 150th Episode Special and THIRD-year anniversary! In the vein of our previous anniversaries, this themed episode takes a short leave from our album analyses to discuss something just as pertinent: the nature of our own medium—music podcasts. We take a careful look at a hand-picked group of music-focused podcast series, from the high-traffic behemoths to some ambitious go-getters. We describe their mission, praise their contributions, and address their challenges. The selections before the panel are: Song Exploder, TAP to Music, Music A to Z, Jonah Raydio, Classical Performance Podcast, Sound Opinions—and for kicks, Compleatly Beatles. [Cue Beatles debate.] In short, this unaffiliated crew of dedicated podcasters care deeply about music… much like yours’ truly. And how could we care about our product if we didn’t care about our peers? So check them out, check us out, and dole out your fanship; we certainly all value it.

Next week’s review:
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful by Florence + The Machine

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