CCP Ep. #153: Damogen Furies by Squarepusher

Acid techno. Need clarification? Unfortunately, clarity is hardly the aim of today’s artist: Squarepusher (the long-time alias of UK-based electronica artist, Tom Jenkinson). Although his music isn’t always dowsed in acid, Squarepusher’s penchant for spasmodic, lightning speed breakdowns has been a steady lure for the intellectually curious for up to 20 years. His work is hardly for everyone, but today we accept the challenge as we peer into his latest experiment, Damogen Furies. Then stick around for a discussion on how monetary transactions might actually impact our enjoyment of music. From arena concerts to streetside performances, do our endorphins jump ship the deeper we dig into our pockets?

Next week’s review:
Amour, t’es là? by Banda Magda
Guest: Joe Benjamin (of Joe Benjamin and a Mighty Handful)

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