CCP Ep. #156: Coma Ecliptic by Between the Buried and Me

This week we explore the latest work by the progressive rock & metal band, Between the Buried and Me. The album is called Coma Ecliptic. As the title might suggest, the album’s central theme focuses on a man who is stuck in a coma, journeying throgh his past lives. With each song intended as its own Twilight Zone-esque “episode”, Between the Buried and Me has certainly laid out a challenging structure for Coma Ecliptic. Question is, can it sustain itself? Let’s begin the analysis and find out! Afterwards, listen on for a discussion that pits genre-rooted music against theme-rooted music—that is, types of songs that bind their genres together, while at the same time brazenly rising from their genre’s shackles.

Next week’s review:
Benjamin Booker by Benjamin Booker
Guest: Nelson Lugo

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