CCP Ep. #166: California Nights by Best Coast | Feat. Rachel Schenk

Remember Afterbirth Monkey’s visit back in Episode #95? No? Well, luckily your memory only has to be half that good to welcome back our guest, Rachel Schenk: a.k.a. actress extraordinaire, burlesque artist, & 1/2 of Afterbirth Monkey. So, with all of THAT to deal with, we immediately launch into all the inns, the outs, and the split-ends of her exciting career(s), including her current role in The Restaurant, directed by Eric T. Ford. Finally, for the featured discussion, tune in at 21:10 as we dive straight into Rachel’s album pick of the week: California Nights by Best Coast. Join us for the long haul! We won’t bite.

Next week’s review:
Higher Truth by Chris Cornell

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