CCP Ep. #170: Songs for Your Future [EP] by The Dreamstalks | Feat. Killy Dwyer

Prepare yourself for the music & antics of special guest Killy Dwyer, comic musician and singer-songwriter of Kill the Band. (You’ll be hearing some of their work throughout the episode, so ears open!) And after a hefty interview with Killy herself — covering themes in her songwriting, her background, her studio work, her live act, and the state of the arts in NYC — we finally “lighten” the load at 1:01:44 with a discussion on Killy’s album choice, a short and cheery EP called Songs for Your Future by The Dreamstalks. (And of course, by “lighten” we mean “weigh it down” again with subjects of a fancifully child-scarring nature.) Enjoy!

Next week’s review:
Static by Huntress
Courtesy of: Jessica Votaw

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