CCP Ep. #184: Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the Disco

This week we take on the latest release by pop rock mainstays Panic! at the Disco: their 2016 album Death of a Bachelor. We dissect the album top to bottom and, as always, invite some active contributions in the comment board. After that, you’ll DEFINITELY want to tune in for our topic at 1:36:03 to hear us discuss the concept of “newness”. That’s right… new, novel, fresh, creative… whatever you call it, “newness” seems to be at the heart of what we’re after when our “comfort art” is all but spent. But is this always the case? After all, what makes something NEW anyway? Can anything be truly new? Or, are all things new, and we’re just scraping to recognize patterns? Come and join us in this timeless critics’ crisis! We’d love to hear from you.

Next week’s review:
Heron Oblivion by Heron Oblivion

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  1. I know that this is a very old episode and I don’t know if you guys even read comments on old posts but, some info on Panic! At The Disco that you guys missed. The main songwriter for the band’s first two albums was not Brendon Urie (I think he wrote nothing on the first and one song on the second) but Ryan Ross. In fact Panic! was Ryan’s brainchild and the first vocalist of the band, with Brendon being a later addition. Ryan left after the second album, however, (not an amicable break up) taking Panic!’s bass player with him and formed The Young Veins. Which, by the way, Brendon Urie had absolutely nothing to do with. Brendon continued using the Panic! name and then wrote the next two albums, Vices and Virtues and Death of a Bachelor.

    • We absolutely read the comments of old posts. Thank you for listening and for the corrections. We try and be as accurate as possible but totally appreciate when and if we’ve missed something being corrected.

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