CCP Ep. #191: Run the Jewels 2 by Run the Jewels | Feat. the Wall Street Playaz

Two-thirds of the Wall Street Playaz—the hottest “financial rap” trio you’ll likely ever hear about (not to mention distinguished first-ever guests of the Crash Chords Podcast)—are back for their third appearance! Together with Future Money and the Profit Prophet, we hold an interview discussing the group’s music & comic influences along with a detailed origin of their concept. (Also keep an ear open for some track previews/throwbacks.) Soak ’em up!… because at [00:41:51] we tackle the guests’ pick of the week: Run the Jewels 2 by Run the Jewels (a collaboration between rapper-producer El-P and Atlanta-based rapper Killer Mike). Enjoy!

Next week’s review:
Varmints by Anna Meredith

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