CCP Ep. #218: 50 by Rick Astley

We just wanna tell you how we’re feeling; gotta make you understand…. the power of analysis. As the title suggests, Rick Astley is 50! After taking an extended hiatus in order to raise a family, he’s finally back to celebrate his age and other fortunes in his new album, aptly titled 50. Join us for a breakdown of 50, and also for a hefty discussion [@ 1:36:40] on the ‘memification’ of music, comedy, and social media art. So please, don’t give us up, and don’t let us down… because we know the game, and yes, we’re gonna play it.

Next week’s review:
Monument Builders by Loscil

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  1. Just to clarify: The lyrics of “This Old House” says “Is gonna see me UNDER”, and not “YOUNGER” so it means that he’s going to die in that house or something like that (it’s on the booklet of the CD). This way it makes much more sense!

    • Thanks Sofia! That definitely clears things up. The booklet always wins, but it was a nice irrelevant hypothesis we had there briefly, haha. Thanks for listening!

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