CCP Ep. #87: Ultimate Rose/Doctor Mixtape | Featuring Kim & Sage of Head Over Feels

Ease off the throttle for this week’s lighthearted surprise-cast. First we welcome guests Kim & Sage of Head Over Feels, the most heartfelt website in all of pop culture “fannon”. Then, in lieu of our weekly review, we discuss and dissect the common practice of compiling playlists, using Kim & Sage’s personal submission as our model: The Ultimate Rose/Doctor Mixtape. Of course, our discussion covers only a minute fraction of their monstrous homage to the popular sci-fi series, Doctor Who, which dices the season-spanning forbidden love story into 728 bite-size morsels of feels. Also stick around for a discussion of playlists in the broad, and a brief interview chronicling the origins of Head Over Feels.

For the full Spotify playlist, click here.

Next week’s review:
Rival Factions by Project 86, with Suzanne Pike of The Barbaric Yawps

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