CCP Ep. #96: To Be Kind by Swans

Ready to make some noise? Swans has enough to go around. The veteran Noise Rock band that reformed after its 13-year slumber is back to mesmerizing audiences with their garbled, often fearsome tones. This week, we tackle Swans’ most recent experiment, a two-disc set called To Be Kind. We review it all here, so strap in for today’s special extended podcast. And, as many of these tracks breech well into the double digits, we finally take some time to discuss that very thing: time (in music). Just what does “track length” mean for us? Is a generous run-time the mark of ambition, genius, or a lack of self-awareness? From past trends to future predicitons, we field our thoughts; now let’s hear yours!

Next week’s review:
Shrink Dust by Chad VanGaalen

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