CCP Ep. #97: Shrink Dust by Chad VanGaalen

Welcome to our favorite Calgarian’s special day! That’s right, the renaissance man of the Indi-Folk world, Chad VanGaalen, has released a new album, Shrink Dust, the subject of today’s analysis. We also take some time to discuss fans’ expectations of a given artist’s work based on prior conditions. Artists may often govern our tastes, but our tastes certainly don’t govern them! Ergo, some personal tales. Enjoy!

Next week’s review:
Rise Up by Saliva

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  1. Crash Chords Corrections:
    I mentioned in this episode that Adam WarRock is doing a donation drive for charity. This is incorrect. It’s actually to help Adam continue to put out amazing tunes and keep his website going. For more information you can go here.

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