CCP Today? No Way! It’s National Lighthouse Day!

the_bell_rockHappy National Lighthouse Day! In honor of this treasured and most stoic of holidays, we’re taking the day off to ponder the sounds of waves lapping relentlessly against the rocky outcrops lurking just off our nation’s shores. O, those loneliest of islands! Tangibly close, they are as remote an item of terra firma as the Arctic coasts or the mid-ocean islands. A stone’s throw away, but too small to be of any use, these lands are peripheral, ignored, and insignificant…

But wait… a light! The strange rock has been transformed and repurposed. As if floating atop the sea itself, a beacon gleams in the dead of night to guide seafarers to safety. For this task, some gratitude must be in order. However, a ship no sooner sees the beacon as it begins to steer itself away. Yes, the mark of achievement for this lonely pillar is to repel all who approach it! To the lighthouse, these ships appear as tiny specks on the horizon. Perhaps one is a merchant ship. Perhaps another is a ship of pleasure. If so, the latter’s vivacious throngs are a far cry from the silent dignity of the lighthouse’s dutiful innards. From its inception, the structure’s role has been taken for granted, and its keeper taken for a recluse. Left alone, with ample time to contemplate the solemn melodies of the surrounding waves, a lighthouse keeper’s soul is a reflection of his domain. Today we honor both.

In conclusion, no CCP today! For older episodes, visit our archive.

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