CCP Ep. #1: Living Things by Linkin Park | Technology’s Effect on the Music Industry

Hey guys and gals! It’s our first podcast. We talk new Linkin Park, technology, its effects on the music industry, music in general, and much more!

Next week’s album review:
Thank You, Happy Birthday by Cage the Elephant

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  1. Shit…..I have to correct you guys?! hehe. So Steve is the only one who knows what a 4/4 meter is? Funny stuff guys! Very entertaining, keep it coming!!

  2. Joseph A (moo) Mastropiero

    Good podcast guys! It’s nice that the 3 of you have such a varying background, it makes your arguments entertaining =) As far as Ideas for things to listen to, two major ideas, both involving music genres. Firstly being a general review or discussion on a genre you already know about, IE punk, classical, heavy metal, and talking about it. pros and cons, whathaveyou. The second idea being taking a genre you normally stay away from, or don’t typically listen to, listen to it for a day or two, trying a couple artists in the genre, then giving your thoughts on it the next podcast. No one listens to everything all the time, so I expect you can find some seriously original stuff out there. My first suggestion, being a passion of mine, would be Gregorian Chants! I list it as a genre only because in general you may think it’s one thing, but its really a lot more than just that. Have Fun and keep kicking ass!

  3. Artificial Heart came out in November 2011.

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