CCP Ep. #22: The Carpenter by The Avett Brothers

This week we review the latest album from The Avett Brothers, The Carpenter, and we criticize critics who don’t think critically.

Next week’s review:
Wreck-It Ralph Soundtrack

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  1. You fucking assholes need to learn what the fuck some of the songs are about. You little pussys just talk and talk boa bla bla. The AVETT brothers are a very good band with high religion and they have a lot of fans. You need to stuff a dick in your mouth and shut up and actually listen to the words in the songs for once. Oh and one more thing you two are the gayest piece of shits in the world you cunts

    • Well done.

      1. There are 3 of us.
      2. Number of fans doesn’t equal quality
      3. Expletives don’t equal valid opinion.
      4. Gay bashing invalidates all arguments.

      Have a nice day!

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