CCP Ep. #51: The Envisage Conundrum by Godsticks

To inaugurate “Season 2” of Crash Chords Podcast, we dive into something a little more complex: The Envisage Conundrum by the Welsh Prog trio, Godsticks. Then we talk a bit about the developing interactive capabilities of music, how marketable they are, and whether or not they’ll be a positive move for the industry.

Next week’s review:
…Like Clockwork by Queens of the Stone Age

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  1. re: envisage conundrm. agreed. great band. great record. 5 stars. i think the numerous beautiful melodic (pop?) vocal hooks are an important counterpoint to the ‘grunge’ or more ‘apprehensive’ qualities in the music.. also, there is so much mind-blowing stuff happening on the guitar that courses throughout underneath the dominant rhythms…amazing!

    i don’t think there is any “integral fourth player”
    this is their third album
    the beautiful piano solo, ‘disclosure,’ is played by the drummer, Steve Roberts
    otherwise an engaging discussion. thanks

    i saw these guys in amsterdam in march. they have a somewhat different feel as a live trio (naturally). really remarkable players! they opened for the Mike Keneally band. you guys should talk about Mike someday. maybe his album, ‘Dog’ from 2004, which i consider to be one of the greatest ‘rock’ albums ever.


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