Ep. #100 – Feat. Sarah Storm

Welcome to episode 100 of Crash Chords: Autographs! Thank you for sticking with us these past 4 years. To celebrate how far the show has come, check out our brand new theme music, written, produced and performed — expressly for the show — by two-time previous guest, Mikal kHill, who we thank for his contribution to Autographs, and its next 100 episodes!

Now for the prime event… This episode has been a long time coming, for today we are excited to welcome actor, writer, producer, storyteller, singer, guitarist, and of course the companion and constant supporter of Matt Storm, his wife Sarah Storm.  As an actress, Sarah has appeared in familiar household dramas like Law and Order SVU and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. With Matt, she chats about her experience as a recurring character on SVU and what it’s like to be a day player. She also describes how she first discovered her love of acting and how her family has influenced her love of the craft. A member of the 24 Hour Company, Sarah has also facilitated bringing together some of the best young actors, directors, playwrights and producers for an intensive professional experience that culminates in their own production, The 24 Hour Plays — that is, the deeply imaginative, if hastily produced events that premiere within 24 hours of their conception. An accomplished musician, Sarah has performed both as a solo artist, and as part of the irish/rock band The Waysties, a mainstay at Brooklyn watering hole, The Way Station. Hear all about how her early love of singing and how it came about growing up in the Jewish faith and also how her love of performance in general has blossomed throughout the years.

But before we dive in; did you know that Crash Chords: Autographs is now on Patreon? Support this podcast with tiered donations, and in return receive tokens of our appreciation ranging from a ‘shout-out’ on this podcast to exclusive audio content, custom playlists, stickers, t-shirts, or a fully DJ’d event. This week’s shout-out goes to Stormageddon’s Patreon supporters Rob Starobin and Mary Jane. Visit patreon.com/stormageddon.

Also if you’re attending Flame Con 2018 in NYC at Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, Matt will be a speaker on a panel discussing Queerness in Doctor Who called (Doctor) Who Queered. It’s at 2:15pm on Sunday August 19th. He’ll also be covering the whole event for a special episode of Autographs so if you see him feel free to say hi! 

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