Ep. #111 – Stormageddon’s 2018 Year In Review

This week on Autographs, Matt goes in depth on…his own life! This highlights episode kicks off with with a deep dive into Matt’s favorite art, media and performances from 2018. Then Matt shares some landmark moments of the year, from new projects to special events. Finally, he closes out the show with a few very special Thank Yous. We hope you enjoy this new annual tradition, and remember: Music is life, and life is good!

Thank yous include: Sarah Storm, Raina Sinclair, Betty Brash, Steve Nagel, Jon Sanders, Ben Milton, Addy Thomas, Case Aiken, Geoff Moonen, MJ, Rachel Quirky Shenk, Bunny Buxom and Schaffer The Darklord, Anja Keister and Zee Perry, Petite Renard and Moe Cheezmo, Viktor Devonne, Jason Romas, Cyn Factory, Brian Olsen, Kati Bug and Robare Pryun, Rob Starobin, Robert Trimarco, The Blerd Girl, Teresa Galusaurus , Cherry Valentine, Scoop Jessica, Holly Ween, Angélique Roché, and Lex The Lexicon Artist.

But wait, did you know that Crash Chords: Autographs is now on Patreon? Support this podcast (and more) with tiered donations, and in return receive tokens of our appreciation ranging from a shout-out on this podcast to exclusive audio content, custom playlists, stickers, t-shirts, or a fully DJ’d event. This week’s shout-out goes to Stormageddon’s Patreon supporters Rob Starobin, Robare Pruyn, Robert Trimarco and Mary Jane. Visit patreon.com/stormageddon

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