Ep. #93 – The Nerdlesque Festival Special Feat. Lefty Lucy, Anja Keister, and Heart Crimson

Today, Matt welcomes Heart Crimson, Anja Keister, and Lefty Lucy for a special episode that focuses on the much anticipated Nerdlesque Festival — the original festival dedicated to nerd and pop culture-related burlesque. Created in 2014, this festival showcases the best in nerdlesque from across the globe, all brought together for one jam-packed weekend in New York City full of shows, classes, parties, panels, and more! Meeting our panel, Lefty Lucy is a burlesque producer/performer based out of New Orleans and is the executive producer of The Nerdlesque Festival; Heart Crimson is a NY-based burlesque performer/producer, alternative model, stage manager, and Associate Producer for The Nerdlesque Festival; and Anja Keister a burlesque producer/performer based out of NY, is also the Sponsorship Manager & Chief Graphic Designer for the Nerdlesque Festival.  Your host for this episode, Matt, a.k.a. Stormageddon, is the Official Festival DJ. The event will take place April 27th through 29th at Coney Island USA in Brooklyn. Tickets on sale now!

In this event spotlight, Matt is joined by Anja and Heart Crimson in the studio, with Lefty Lucy Skyping from New Orleans. Together, they chat about the origins of the festival, how each of them (and Matt) got involved, and they discuss the review process for selecting the hosts, featured performers, and headliners. They also chat about Lefty’s practice of offering feedback sessions for those who don’t make it into the festival. And so, from the importance of building supportive communities, to some verbal highlights, here’s presenting Matt Storm and the curators of The Nerdlesque Festival: Heart Crimson, Anja Keister, and Lefty Lucy.

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