How Eve 6 Saved My Life.

This isn’t some story about how Eve 6 collectively saved me from a burning building or anything. It’s about how a band I’ve loved since the late 90’s have gotten me through when things have been both at their worst and at their best. I remember it like it was yesterday the day I first heard them. It was back in high school.  I remember sitting at home bored one day after school and I was flipping channels on my T.V. It  was a time when MTV meant music television and they actually play music videos on t.v.  I was flipping and I stopped on MTV just as the video for “Inside Out” started playing.

I stopped and watched.  I was hooked. I went out the next day and bought their self titled record. I listened to it non stop for 2 weeks straight on my CD player.  The song “Inside Out”  has become a Rock Band and karaoke staple for both me and my girlfriend. My favorite song to this day on that record is “Open Road Song” which is always the first track on any mix CD I make specifically for long drives.  That first album was probably one of the major soundtracks of my young music life. I actually much later on in life had to buy a second copy because I wore out the first one.

I have a very close friend of mine named Tovah. We have often talked and reminisced through music. One of my fondest memories of time spent with her during one summer is completely attached to the song “Here’s to the Night” from their second album Horrorscope. It was a wonderful summer where we spent away with the rest of our Jewish youth group called USY. Every time I hear that song I always remember that time and all the fun we had that summer. A song that will always bring me happy tears every time I hear it.  It seem a long time ago but I will never forget it.

I have a friend Jonathan who I helped make a demo for back in college. Very talented guy. He played a bunch of live shows back then and one of his go to cover songs he would play was an acoustic cover of “Think Twice” from their third album It’s All In Your Head. Every time I hear that song it reminds me of how awesome those shows were and how much fun I had at them.

Right at this moment I’m unemployed and looking for work. I’ve been extremely depressed and Speak in Code their 4th album has come out just in time to pick me up. The song “Lost and Found” has become an anthem for me and keeps me moving forward.  Eve 6 is one of the few bands that I can always listen to. They fill me with happiness.  They break me down to cry. They make help me vent anger. They make me think. This band saved my life.

Wanna know more about Eve 6 check them out on Facebook here, on Twitter here and on the web here.

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