I Speak Music… Do You?


Ever since I was little, music was my greatest form of expression.  I don’t mean singing or playing an instrument, I’m too tone-deaf for that. I mean I often express myself through what I listen to. I don’t just listen to music, I become part of it. It’s not just another form of entertainment to me. It’s a branch of my sanity and being.  I could not live without music in my life.  Imagine what life would be like with out music.  A comedian I enjoy, named Jonah Ray, made an interesting and nerdy observation. Imagine if Star Wars starts with the rolling credits but there was no music behind it. It would not be nearly as drawing and epic without the beautiful score behind it.  Music for me can enhance what I feel. It’s also cathartic for me.  If I’m upset and I listen to something that really makes me feel, it’ll help me work through whatever pain I may feel in my heart.  I like all kinds of music, but when an artist makes me feel what he’s feeling when I sing along, that’s true communication.  One of these such songs I personally feel is “The End”  by Blue October.  This song crawls inside my head.  You can feel his pain and suffering with every lyric he sings.  I know in my heart this song was written to help stop his suffering and help the healing process begin.

To the opposite extreme there are some songs that always make me smile.  If  I’m feeling like crap and need to snap out of it, I listen to “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too.” This song always makes me want to sing.  It’s dance/Hip Hop beat and nonsense lyrics always put smile on my face.  It’s clear this song was written for pure fun and release.

I could go on listing songs with their emotional impact but in short I take music very seriously in my life.  It’s always been my constant and survival tool.  This isn’t intended to be seen as how music “should” be viewed or anything like that. I’m just simply telling how I hear it.  I’m bilingual.  My second language is music.

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