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18427_533399333357800_48809954_nThe diversity of this music industry and the sounds that permeate it are vast.  While i listen to all different kinds of music my tastes tend be rooted more towards “Rock” if that can even be considered a designation anymore.  The “Rock” genre in it of itself has become so sub divided the diversity with in itself is astounding.  Be that as it may the album reviews, artist reviews, interviews, etc.  will revolve mostly around that content more or less.  Of course I will as well be having other who write as well to hopefully ad some of the fore mentioned diversity i spoke of earlier.  I’m hoping to come at with my first album review soon.

I’ve heard it to be said that rock is dead.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  “Rock”  is actually evolving and taking many different shapes and forms.  It takes so may different shapes these days  it’s hard to even fit every single band you hear into a certain genre or category.  Just a few off the top of my head are Alternative, Nu Metal, Emo, Punk, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock and so on and so forth.  The best party beyond that are they’re a bans who are even breaking out of they’re own genre or blending they’re genre with others creating even more subsets within themselves.

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