No New CCP This Week… But Wait! In Related News: “EPIC PIEcast” Features Matt Storm!

Hello CCP fans! Due to a certain NYC “blizzard” (and we use the term loosely), we were unable to record this week. Fear not though! We’ve rescheduled, and our episode featuring Kita St. Cyr will air a week from today. But that’s not all! Recently, Matt had the honor of being a guest on this month’s EPIC PIEcast hosted by former guests, entrepreneurs, and comrades-in-mics, Schaffer The Darklord, Charles Stunning, and Nelson Lugo. Reversing Matt’s role as CC: Autographs host, he’s in the hot seat this time, first tasked to explain why he started Crash Chords and why he keeps doing it, and finally to discuss… music! Go figure. So go ahead and supplement your analytical withdrawals now with this bizarre and informative listen!

Next week’s review: Crush by 2NE1
Guest: Kita St. Cyr

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