Song Shots: “Bleed Out” by Blue October

“Bleed Out” is the first single from Blue October’s brand new record, Sway. This song engages me in the way I’ve come to expect from Blue October. Emotionally and instrumentally, it hits you like a punch in the face – especially around the chorus. And as always, Justin Furstenfeld’s lyrics are a blow to the heart muscle; they draw you into his experiences, his visions, his feelings, etc. They invite empathy. Although this is a band that takes me on an emotional journey in most of their work, “Bleed Out” proves to be no exception. The video below echoes this journey and is both endearing and haunting all at once. Their work represents a wide range of emotions for me and I’m looking forward to reviewing their new record on the next podcast.

“Will I / Bleed out / I gave it all / But you can’t stop taking from me / And way down I know / You know where to cut me / With your eyes closed / Bleed out”


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