Song Shots: “Slow Start” by Eli August and The Abandoned Buildings

Much like my Song Shot for Afterbirth Monkey’s “It’s Raining Dicks”, this one is a little different in that I’m in it—again! I was priviledged to join the incredible Eli August and The Abandoned Buildings in the video they shot for “Slow Start” from the EP A Heartache Suite, which is available on iTunes.

The video is built around a wonderful old-timey narrative. Set in old New York City, it conveys a carefree innocence in its chronicle of the band’s journey to the “big time”. With sprinkles of delightful silliness throughout its silent film scenes, the coloration and the dialogue cards maintain a suspension of disbelief as we witness these faux-historical upstarts come together as a band. Linked in stylistic approach with their live performance shots, the entire video comes across as a sincere blast from the past, which more than supports the fantastic folk sound that EAAB has perfected.

The performance part of the video was a blast to shoot. The crowd shots that I am in were filmed at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn, New York. It was an evening of dancing, merriment, and excitement as the camera was set up repeatedly for capturing multiple angles. First, the band’s performance was shot. Then the crowd was shot (first from the front and then from the back), while stage directions alternated between dancing in pairs, to jumping up and down, then just the ladies, and finally to an all-out dance party. All of this detail was required for just the tail-end of the music video.

A big thank you to all of the members of EAAB for letting me be a part of this amazing experience.

It’s such a slow start and a quick end / To all of this / To all of this / Could this old heart ever mend? / Oh it’s all I miss / It’s all I miss.

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