Stormageddon Recommends… Week #8

This week I’m recommending a band that is relatively new to me and I’ve obsessively been listening to their brand new EP “Unidentified.” That band is The Scars Heal In Time. I had the pleasure of recently chatting with the band’s front woman and guitarist, Kayla Smith, for an upcoming episode of Autographs. It was a great conversation that I’m excited to share it with you all. The chat just made me want to listen to the band even more. The band has the previously mentioned EP and a full length record titled “Double Exposure.” The song I’m choosing for my playlist and as your starting point is their most recent single and video “Grip” which is on the EP. If you like bad ass modern hard rock then you’ll definitely love this band. Check it out!

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  1. Growing up, I didn’t listen to metal, but my friends did. Once I crossed the picket line, I went far beyond what any of them ever listened to. BtBaM was on their radar though and they worshipped the band, pretty much exclusively because of Colors. Now, I thoroughly enjoyed Parallax II, while everyone else hated it. I honestly can listen to that whole record from start to finish in one shot. I also enjoyed Colors (though it’s not as epic as people make it out to be, nor is Alaska). The Great Misdirect was also really good, but Coma Ecliptic was pure trash. Seriously, I hate that shit more than modern era Opeth. This new record sounds like a fresh return to form and I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit. I honestly don’t get the whole “this band can’t stick with an idea and incorporates too many ideas” argument. I hear too much music that is far too monotonous. Not saying BtBaM are perfect or that they aren’t without a fair amount of flaws, because they could trim up some of their stuff and leave some things out, but they are solid overall IMO. I’m definitely gonna check out the second half of this one.

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