Ep. #105 – Feat. Omar Holmon

In this episode, Matt welcomes Omar Holmon, a poet, writer, and co-founder of the website Black Nerd Problems. He and Matt chat about Omar’s appearance at Flame Con 2018, his return to poetry, and what it’s been like competing for as many years as he has. They also talk about the origins of Black Nerd Problems and how the site has grown and changed over the years, as well as what the future holds for the site. Finally, Matt and Omar gush over a variety of nerdery from TV to games to movies to comics and more.

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Ep. #103 – Flame Con 2018 Special

Today, Matt shares highlights, interviews and more from Flame Con 2018! This episode features brief interviews with Con participants and attendees, as well as the (Doctor) Who Queered panel in its entirety.

First, Matt chats with poet and Black Nerd Problems co-founder, Omar Holmon, artist and creator Fyodor Pavlov, and finally con attendees Rachel Schenk and John Henry. Then, sci fi and fantasy author Brian Olsen is your host and curator for the hour-long (Doctor) Who Queered panel featuring teacher, actor and art director for The Lipstick Project, Rachel Schulte…and our very own Matt Storm!

Special thanks from Matt go to Director of PR for Geeks Out, Michelle Rose, as well as the rest of the Flame Con staff for the opportunity to cover this event.

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