Take the Tunes with You: Songza

Throughout the years, humans have made a business out of finding new ways to carry music with us wherever we go. From cassettes to MP3s, we have been shrinking area and maximizing storage to a point where we have limitless amounts of music at our fingertips. Now there are ways to stream music to your desktop or phone and make new discoveries while you’re at it.

Songza is a free mobile app I’ve recently discovered that provides the listener with playlists ideal for the present situation; whether you’re at work, studying, or getting lucky, there’s a playlist for it. All playlists have been put together analytically by 25 expert music curators, not users. This means that the playlists are carefully constructed and not strewn together by just anyone with access to iTunes. With so many different playlists to choose from, you don’t need to worry about the same songs being rehashed over and over again.

The app features a concierge service, offering six different scenarios you may want a playlist for based on the day of the week and time. Options for Monday evening will differ from Friday evening, for example. Once you select your scenario, you’ll receive another six options– genre. Another choice leads you to one more, which of the three available playlists do you find most promising? The variety of genres is broad, offering something for everyone and even then, you are not limited to the same playlist over and over again if there’s a genre you like. You’re given so many choices that the Songza experience can change every time.

If the concierge can’t help you, then just tap “Explore”. From there, you can locate playlists based on any number of qualifiers. Need a playlist to suit your mood? What if you’re longing for a particular decade? You can bookmark a playlist just by tapping a star at the top of the screen, save it for later when you have a chance to enjoy your music uninterrupted. If you want to see what Songza thinks you’d like, go to the bottom of the explore page and select “Just for you,” where playlists will be available based on your profile. If you enjoyed a playlist you’ve heard before but can’t remember what it was called, just tap on “My Playlists” and you’ll see everything you recently listened to, ones you’ve saved as favorites, and what your friends are listening to.

Overall, if you like making playlists for different moments of life, this app is definitely for you. It’s a great way to discover new music and provides the perfect musical complement for whatever your mood is or what your day throws at you. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can access the app online at Songza.com and get the full experience on your desktop.

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