Trigger Tracks: Mourning

“I would build a bridge to the other side, just so I could spend a little time with you”

Have you ever had one song, just one song, that always makes you cry? No? Yes? Well I have. “Bridge to the Other Side,” by the retired Wizard Rock group, Oliver Boyd and the Remeberalls, is written from the perspective of Harry Potter, who is singing about the loss of Sirius Black. This song means so much more to me than that though. It is a song that signifies loss so perfectly that it transcends the literal meaning of its lyrics. If you’ve ever lost or missed someone who’s meant something to you, this song will make you feel it. It is completely filled with a sense of longing to be with that someone just one more time, to make everything okay again, and of learning to deal with that hole in your heart. This song also helps to remind you of all those wonderful things you’ve shared with that someone,  and that you love about them.

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