Trigger Tracks: Pain

Physical or emotional, pain takes many forms. The worse it gets, the more frantic and desperate a person can feel. Sometimes, without a way to cope, it could bring you through a downward spiral of uncontrollable rage and misery. “The End” by Blue October is riddled with this pain and torment in every lyric and beat. It is completely clear that this song was written so Justin Furstenfeld, the lead singer of Blue October, could cope with his pain. It is a song with a story that is obviously not about him but has his pain threaded through it lyrically. Being consumed by your pain is dangerous. Find a song that makes you scream, cry, and vent. Hold on to it. When I feel like I’m going to lose it and I need to vent, I listen to this song. As tears stream down my face, I scream along with the lyrics allowing myself to vent through this man’s suffering.

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