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AcknowledgementsOver the years, many have come forward to take part in the discussion, and also to express their appreciation for what we do. For this, we are immensely grateful. Whether from an artist or a follower, we treasure every ounce of feedback we receive for our work.

As we continue to improve and expand our output, here are a few samples from some appreciative artists and devoted followers who’ve kept us pushing forward:


“A friend recommended I listen to your podcast because he thought it was an excellent and insightful analysis of our, at the time, recently released album. I very rarely respond to reviews, whether positive or negative, because everyone should feel free to interpret an artist’s music as they so wish (there’s no right or wrong way to do this!). However, I thought your analysis was thoughtful, unbiased, and intelligent, and gave the potential listener a pretty good overview of what type of music they may encounter if they considered investigating our band further.”

– Darran Charles of Godsticks
(in response to CCP Ep. #51)

“Hey guys, I played drums for this band. I just finished the episode and want to tell you how insane you guys are for spending 2 hours of your life dissecting this album. Plus, the week you spent listening to it. You spent more time with this album then everyone in my family combined! I’m so glad this world has psychos like yourselves that still have this kind of passion for music … It was amazing how much you got out of the tracks with only having the tunes, not knowing us, not even having a physical copy of the album! Truly amazing!”

– Mike Lamm of [DARYL]
(in response to CCP Ep. #114)

“I’m only halfway through, but never in my life have I been so humbled, meticulously critiqued, and felt more understood than when I started listening to this two hour podcast reviewing ‘Actually, Extremely’. It’s honestly a dream come true for us to have anyone, yet alone three people so eloquent and generous listen and enjoy our music to this extent … Thank you so much for spending time listening to us and even more so for analyzing and critiquing our release. You’re incredible.”

– Logan Voss of Snooze
(in response to CCP Ep. #236)


“I’ve been listening to your musical dissections of albums on and off for about a year now … I find the intelligent chemistry and argument etiquette between you all very appealing and it makes me come back for more.”

– Jose (Nokjaw)

“Hi. I’ve been listening to your podcast for about half a year now, and have been quite enjoying it. I discovered it kind of by accident on another site via a “Related Videos” link to the YouTube video of your review for ‘Mouth Sounds’. Your detailed analysis and discussion of various types of music provides me with an intriguing listen. There are many times when there are opinions expressed that do not necessarily reflect that of my own, times in which I am left scratching my head or mildly cringing in horror, but I keep listening on with an open mind because sometimes a different opinion will make you think about things in ways you haven’t thought of before.”

– The Mysterious Mark H.

“These guys are super funny, intelligent, and seem like fun people to hang out with. They’re cool in the best way; that’s unpretentious, honest acceptance of themselves and others, which reflects in their sharp conversations about music. Definitely recommend!”

– Random Melissa

“Man you guys are passionate about music! I’ve been selectively going through your episodes, and found myself enjoying your analysis as well as your banter. Good times!”

– Steve Ferguson of the Music A to Z Podcast

“Hey guys! I recently found out about your podcast from Schaffer The Darklord and I’ve been working my way through your backlog. Loving the analysis and reviews you guys have been doing, keep up the wonderful work!”

– Alex StarF Alverson


• To Liam Yardley who designed our logo in 2012. It has since become a part of our identity and we extend our sincerest thanks.

• To the Wall Street Playaz for letting us use the beats to “Livin’ The Life” as the foundation for the Crash Chords Podcast intro theme, and to Malibu Shark Attack for letting us use “Yo Into New York” as the CC: Autographs intro theme.

• To Yvonne Laughlin PR & Promotions for the honorary byline in the wake of Erik Neff’s release At the End of the Day. Check out the review and the interview.

• To those who have contributed album recommendations to the Crash Chords Podcast. We love hearing new music and we love being steered in new directions. Keep them coming!

• To artists who’ve opted to share our episodes regardless of the inherent criticisms they may contain. At Crash Chords we believe that discussing music comprehensively is the next best thing to enjoying it. When artists, too, relish in the objective discussion of their own work, it makes it all worthwhile.

• To those who continue to listen, support, and contribute to the discussion. Our music analyses are especially catered to music-lovers who may also enjoy critical theory, panel discussions, debates, or in-depth interviews. If this sounds like you, we hope you’ll find a place for us in your rotation. In turn, we welcome all forms of constructive criticism. Just glad to know you’re out there; every comment helps us improve.

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