CCP Ep. #236: Actually, Extremely by Snooze

We are actually, extremely, keenly, and especially excited for today’s album. (Really.) You’ll want to stick it out to the end for this one as we’ve got a lot of material lined up for discussion courtesy of math rock band Snooze and their debut album Actually, Extremely. If you’re unfamiliar with math rock, take a chance on the genre, take a chance on Snooze, and take a chance on us! Let’s kick it off with some album art silliness and dive deep into some hardscrabble analysis. We also have out some pre-monologue monologues concerning—hoo boy—police brutality and how it is discussed.

CC: Autographs Ep. #69 – Feat. Fernando Pacheco

Today, Matt welcomes Fernando Pacheco, a professional photographer living in New York City whose work can be found at With Matt, Fernando discusses his earliest memories of being interested in art and photography, and about how moving around a lot as child (and moving to the U.S. at a young age) has shaped him and his art. They also chat about how he found a day job in the arts as a product photographer, how phone cameras and the existence of apps like Instagram have changed photography, and about how social media has been both a blessing and a curse to his form of artistic expression. And so, from Fernando’s many projects to the photographers that have inspired him in his career, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Fernando Pacheco.

CCP Ep. #235: Performance by Age Coin

Another dip into the wide world of electronica, this week we’re tackling an industrial techno album called Performance by Age Coin. Formerly of the band Lower, the duo behind Age Coin are Kristian Emdal and Simon Formann who, according to their label Posh Isolation, have (in Performance) divined “a cracked bump & flex from the condensation of a joyride.” Well! Cryptic orders aside, we hope your ears are as prepped as ours for a full analysis of Performance as well as a discussion on the inevitability of comparison and the mono-directionality of taste. Feel differently? Comment!

CC: Autographs Ep. #68 – Feat. Mischief Night

Today, Matt welcomes Marcus Kitchen, Mallory Feuer, and Andy Siegel, the three members of the band Mischief Night. A psychedelic rock band from Brooklyn, NY, Mischief Night has a new music video out for the song “With Me, Now!”, the second single off their newest album, The Great American Worm, to be released this April. Among discussing the band’s musical beginnings, as well as the numerous other projects they are currently involved with, Marcus goes into great detail about the process of putting together the new record and how his writing process works. Meanwhile, Andy touches upon his role as the band’s newest member, and Mallory discusses what it’s like being a touring musician and what she loves about playing live. And so, from the band’s musical influences to Marcus’s additional role in the director’s chair, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Mischief Night.

CCP Ep. #234: Headspace by Issues

Once again, we’re reaching deep into the grab bag… a mysterious album brought to us by a mysterious listener: The Mysterious Mark H. Past harbinger of Black Messiah and FFS, Mysterious’s latest recommendation came with precious few clues, apart from it being dubbed “a curveball”, thus distinguishing it from his previous picks. Without letting on too much, the album is called Headspace by the band Issues. (And do bear with us, as, in all great mysteries, the “big reveal” is nothing without its share of red herrings.) Also stick around for a light discussion on personal thresholds for musical components.

CCP Ep. #233: Zombies on Broadway by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

You might know him from Something Corporate, or even from Jack’s Mannequin; well now, know him from his official solo project, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. As the artist appears to have settled on the new stage name (for now), today we’ll be looking at the second solo album released under that moniker, Zombies on Broadway. Afterwards, stick around for a discussion on how experiencing a live show or a studio album first can affect one another.

CC: Autographs Ep. #67 – Feat. Rachel Schenk

Today, Matt welcomes Rachel Schenk, a musician, comedian, and actress hailing from Astoria, Queens. Rachel is no stranger to the world of Crash Chords; she appeared in ep. #95 (with bandmate Mark Robert Turner) as a member of the comedy music duo Afterbirth Monkey, and also in ep. #166 as herself. With Matt, Rachel chats about her newest day job working for The Ride NYC, her chance discovery that she can freestyle rap, and also about her growth as an artist. They also chat about her newest concept album with Afterbirth Monkey called Making a Beeline to Wasted and also about her solo album in the making. And so, with some reflections on her acting, her role in The Restaurant (a film written by Eric T. Ford) and her experience in improv, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Rachel Schenk.

CCP Ep. #232: Oczy Mlody by The Flaming Lips

Oczy Mlody? …Otshee Mwodee? …Oxycodone? …Whatever it is, it’s the latest creation by alt rock veterans, The Flaming Lips. Inspired by phrases from a Polish translation of Erkine Caldwell’s novel ‘Close to Home’, Oczy Mlody is certainly a head scratcher, easing us into a dreamlike haze, surprising us in moments, and challenging our rating system like never before. Stick around after the analysis [@2:12:34] for a discussion on evolving perspectives, multiple mindsets, and the effort to avoid our own echo chambers.

CC: Autographs Ep. #66 – Feat. Amy Leland

Today Matt welcomes Amy Leland, a writer, director, and video editor living in Brooklyn, NY. Having written and directed a short film called Echoes, Amy is currently working on a documentary about tap dancer and teacher Sarah Petronio. With Matt, Amy chats about how each project came to be and about her past experience both directing and video editing. They also talk about how she got started in the arts, her plans for the future, and what it’s like having a day job that both supports and informs her art, and the reciprocity of that lifestyle. And so, from inspiration to escapism, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Amy Leland.

CCP Ep. #231: Smooth McGroove Remixed by GameChops

You may have some catching up to do (or some skipping to do) if the following doesn’t tickle your fancy… Video game music! Today, we’re looking at a smattering of the old and the new (mostly old). But no, this isn’t a fit of nostalgia, nor a “best-of” playlist; it’s a collection of remixes, specifically of select projects by the popular YouTuber Smooth McGroove whose multi-layered ‘a cappella’ game theme covers seemed all-too-ripe for the not-so-tender techno touch. Released through GameChops, the album Smooth McGroove Remixed features the work of ten different producers who’ve worked tirelessly to bring these themes from your childhood, and from YouTube fandom, to, of all places, the dance floor! In the course of our analysis, we’ll be expressing our individual experiences with each iteration of the evolving theme-work before tackling a hefty post-album discussion on the mounting importance of Creative Commons.