CCP Ep. #226: 57th & 9th by Sting

Welcome to our “official” inaugural episode of 2017! To kick off the year, we’re looking at a well-known pillar of the music industry: Sting and his twelfth solo album since departing The Police (and first solo rock album in more than a decade), 57th & 9th. In an outward and inward-looking album where Sting takes a hard look backwards and a hard look at his surroundings at the same time, how does 57th & 9th fare as a work of art? Press play and contribute! Also, @1:57:35, we turn in our New Year’s “homework”, assigned to us back in ep. #222. In a frenzied search for weird and wild forms of art, we discuss six music genres that appeal to us—or repel us—in style or concept, all in an attempt to stump our colleagues. What niche genres do you find appealing?

CC: Autographs Ep. #63 – Feat. Cyn Factory Burlesque

Today Matt welcomes the core members of Cyn Factory Burlesque, producers/performers Mary Cyn, Sarah Tops, and Johnny Caligula, and performer Dick Move. All hailing from New York, New York, the guests share their stories on how Cyn Factory started and how each member joined the group. Mary chats about the other shows she has produced including Original Cyn and Epic Win Burlesque; Dick and Johnny chat about how they found their dynamic in sharing the stage as hosts; and they all share some of their favorite moments from performing at The Bier Baron in Washington, DC, their self-proclaimed home away from home. And so, from the future of Cyn Factory to their connections in the industry, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Cyn Factory Burlesque.

CCP Ep. #225: The 2016 Year in Review

Well, it’s been one hell of a year, and one hell of a week! Today we bring you the last episode of our 5-day series, our annual broad look at a year’s worth of albums analyzed. These ‘year in review’ episodes represent our most cherished opportunity to shower additional praise, to re-analyze, to reiterate, and occasionally to rectify our past weekly instincts. Though we try our damnedest, it’s impossible to fully digest albums on a week-to-week basis, so we’re constantly re-examining. We’ll start off with our rating changes, head over to our category prizes, take on the ever-so-maligned booby prizes, and then of course share with you our top picks. We have high hopes for 2017, high hopes for music, and high hopes for all of you! Thank you for another great year and we hope to see you next week.

CCP Ep. #224: The Outtakes (V)

It’s time for that silly annual tradition of ours. See, although we do our very best to publish the tightest episodes we can muster, make no mistake: the magic wand of editing has had a generous hand in that. That being the case, for just one episode a year, let’s take a peek behind the curtain and gawk at the flubs, the blunders, the oversights, and the outright insanity. To thee we bare ourselves! Enjoy.

CCP Ep. #223: ‘Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping’ OST by The Lonely Island

It’s day three of our five-day event series with today’s episode marking the last entry in our 2016 review season. We thought we’d end the year nice and light, dabbling into some comedy, some satire, and of course, some obnoxious pop music. Join us as we follow the rise and fall—and rise again—of protagonist Conner4Real in the summer comedy flick, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. With the film and its original soundtrack both written by members of the The Lonely Island (who also star in the film), we’re keeping to our goal of incorporating more cross-media material… and by gum it doesn’t get more cross-media than that! Join us as we stroll through the film, wade through its myriad of cast members, and address the successes and pitfalls of both film & soundtrack as works of comedy. Enjoy!

CCP Ep. #222: Scattering by Progger

A “prog” band named Progger — oy, now we’ve heard everything! Indeed, after hearing the Austin-based band’s latest project Scattering (an album that sprung from a collaboration with the band’s newest New York-based members) our horizons have been markedly broadened. Incorporating elements of jazz, prog, funk, and a hefty dose of name-your-poison, Scattering is no aperitif; it’s the full meal. So join us for an in-depth analysis of this gripping work and also for a brief preview on some New Year’s homework: the ultimate mystery genre game. Let’s dig deep and ring in 2017 with shock & awe.

CCP Ep. #221: “Awaken, My Love!” by Childish Gambino

Happy New Year from Crash Chords! Due in part to the holidays, but mostly to flu season, we took a short break and now it’s time to play catch up! It’s the race to Ep. #225 as we kick off the year with FIVE consecutive days of the Crash Chords Podcast. Today we commence with the first in the lineup by following through with our December guest’s own listener pick. Many thanks to Mike Rugnetta for spurring us to tackle the third signed album by Childish Gambino—that is, the stage name and alias for actor and comedian Donald Glover—euphorically titled “Awaken, My Love!” Come join us for an analysis of the album and also for a discussion on music suggestions that always seem to come with warnings and caveats.

CC: Autographs Ep. #62 – Feat. Gary O

Today Matt welcomes Gary O: podcaster, producer, and nerd hailing from NYC. As the holidays are upon us, this episode of Autographs is a bit more casual with Matt and Gary delving into a lengthy conversation on pop culture as a whole. They chat about Gary’s experience with conventions, interviews, and creating content; they chat about his previous appearance on the Crash Chords Podcast; and then they cover the top 10 movies of 2016 according to Box Office Mojo. And so, from Disney, to superheroes, to gaming and more, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Gary O.

CCP Ep. #220: ‘Without My Enemy What Would I Do’ by Made in Heights | Feat. Mike Rugnetta

Here’s a proposition: a three-hour long Mike Rugnetta extravaganza! In the wake of his appearance on ‘Crash Chords: Autographs’, in CCA Ep. #43, we’re pleased to re-introduce the one, the only, Mike Rugnetta for the full Crash Chords experience. Famed for hosting the PBS Idea Channel, a popular internet series that examines “the connections between pop culture, technology, and art”, Mike sits in for a 30 min. follow-up interview, during which we prod into some new features on the Idea Channel, Mike’s long-held interest in critical theory, the re-launch of his Reasonably Sound podcast, and fittingly, his own compositions. Finally, @ 0:29:20, we commence with the big tamale: quality time spent in a succulent critical analysis of Mike’s album of choice, Without My Enemy What Would I Do by Made in Heights. With Mike fully in his element (and the rest of us seated & caffeinated), all that’s missing is yours truly! To join in, just chew on the album, strap in, ponder, and play.

CC: Autographs Ep. #61 – Feat. Jeff Baker

Today, Matt welcomes Jeff Baker, a pop singer/songwriter hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Jeff’s latest single—the “I Am” single—was recently released with an accompanying lyric video. In addition to YouTube, you can sample Jeff’s music on Soundcloud. With Matt, Jeff chats about his origins in pop punk and his decision to go solo. He also chats about the time he spent overseas in Thailand and how the music scene differs in that part of the world. And finally, he discusses his plan to release consecutive singles as opposed to a full LP. And so, with some added bonding over mutual favorite bands, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Jeff Baker.