CCP Ep. #240: All the Way by Diamanda Galás

Today we’re surveying the front lines of musical sensibilities. Avant garde singer, pianist, composer, and painter Diamanda Galás isn’t your everyday rom-com soprano. With a voice that’s been known to induce fear in a single note, bolstered by a three-and-a-half octave range, Diamanda’s followers range from fringe jazz cats to left field metalheads. Let’s let the work speak for itself; in this case, the work consists of peculiar re-workings of traditional jazz tunes… with a couple of surprises as well. The album is called All the Way, borrowed from its titular track, a cover of the familiar Frank Sinatra tune. Follow the originals with the provided playlist! We’ll explain them as we go. Also stick around for a discussion on the necessity of surveying all sides of the spectrum—good/bad, ugly/beautiful, moral/immoral—for only then do we have sufficient context for passing judgement.

CC: Autographs Ep. #70 – Feat. Fancy Feast

Today, Matt welcomes burlesque producer and performer extraordinaire Fancy Feast, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Creator of the Coney Island show “Maim That Tune” and co-producer of the Fuck You Revue, Fancy Feast discusses her origins in burlesque and how her craft has evolved over the years. She also chats about some unconventional performances, how performing is sometimes just for the performer, and also what it’s like to cultivate an audience. And so, from and her day job at Babeland to her life as a sex educator, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Fancy Feast.

CCP Ep. #239: Rosetta by Vangelis

Let’s traverse the cosmos to check in on our oft-mentioned composer of all things ‘space’, the one and only Vangelis. Although marrying electronic music to space-oriented themes is fairly intuitive, Vangelis, who cornered the market on it, also happens to have a penchant for paying homage to specific space missions. This time around, that homage is Rosetta, the musical play-by-play of the eponymous ESA probe’s voyage to Churyumov–Gerasimenko [comet 67P]. From the origins of the comet to Rosetta’s decade-long journey, to its dramatic end-of-mission impact—and let’s not forget about our brave little lander Philae—Vangelis has more than enough fodder for some juicy composition, as do we for some juicy discussion! Oh and our topic, you ask? Totally unrelated… SPACE.

CCP Ep. #238: Drunk by Thundercat

At the behest of listener (and former guest Devin Jackson Mullen of Anxious Kids Make Good People), today we’re taking on Drunk, the latest project by Thundercat, the stage name of grammy-award winning bassist Stephen Bruner. Composed by Bruner, but with the help of long-time collaborator Flying Lotus and a myriad of guest artists, Drunk is a 23-track wormhole that explores the inventive and demented mind of the talented bassist — under any and all of life’s circumstances. Let’s explore the album together before broadcasting a monster monologue [@2:19:21 – @2:40:24] covering the ethics of criticism, a response to an artist, and some changes to the format of the series.

CCP Ep. #237: Atlas by FM-84

Put on your speedos and roll, yes, roll down your windows. Today we’re surfing through some retrowave, a genre that’s all about those bygone times… but who’s kidding who: those times are the 1980s. With a debut album called Atlas, FM-84 (the mostly one-man project of Col Bennett) introduces vocalists Josh Dally, Ollie Wride, and Clive Farrington to help him with his first LP. The idea certainly caught our attention, as did its striking album cover, but ultimately, does it pass the album test? We’ll hash out a few discussions along those lines while for our topic we wrestle with the question of whether nostalgia is a prerequisite for just about everything we enjoy in some fashion.

CCP Ep. #236: Actually, Extremely by Snooze

We are actually, extremely, keenly, and especially excited for today’s album. (Really.) You’ll want to stick it out to the end for this one as we’ve got a lot of material lined up for discussion courtesy of math rock band Snooze and their debut album Actually, Extremely. If you’re unfamiliar with math rock, take a chance on the genre, take a chance on Snooze, and take a chance on us! Let’s kick it off with some album art silliness and dive deep into some hardscrabble analysis. We also have out some pre-monologue monologues concerning—hoo boy—police brutality and how it is discussed.

CC: Autographs Ep. #69 – Feat. Fernando Pacheco

Today, Matt welcomes Fernando Pacheco, a professional photographer living in New York City whose work can be found at With Matt, Fernando discusses his earliest memories of being interested in art and photography, and about how moving around a lot as child (and moving to the U.S. at a young age) has shaped him and his art. They also chat about how he found a day job in the arts as a product photographer, how phone cameras and the existence of apps like Instagram have changed photography, and about how social media has been both a blessing and a curse to his form of artistic expression. And so, from Fernando’s many projects to the photographers that have inspired him in his career, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Fernando Pacheco.

CCP Ep. #235: Performance by Age Coin

Another dip into the wide world of electronica, this week we’re tackling an industrial techno album called Performance by Age Coin. Formerly of the band Lower, the duo behind Age Coin are Kristian Emdal and Simon Formann who, according to their label Posh Isolation, have (in Performance) divined “a cracked bump & flex from the condensation of a joyride.” Well! Cryptic orders aside, we hope your ears are as prepped as ours for a full analysis of Performance as well as a discussion on the inevitability of comparison and the mono-directionality of taste. Feel differently? Comment!

CC: Autographs Ep. #68 – Feat. Mischief Night

Today, Matt welcomes Marcus Kitchen, Mallory Feuer, and Andy Siegel, the three members of the band Mischief Night. A psychedelic rock band from Brooklyn, NY, Mischief Night has a new music video out for the song “With Me, Now!”, the second single off their newest album, The Great American Worm, to be released this April. Among discussing the band’s musical beginnings, as well as the numerous other projects they are currently involved with, Marcus goes into great detail about the process of putting together the new record and how his writing process works. Meanwhile, Andy touches upon his role as the band’s newest member, and Mallory discusses what it’s like being a touring musician and what she loves about playing live. And so, from the band’s musical influences to Marcus’s additional role in the director’s chair, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Mischief Night.

CCP Ep. #234: Headspace by Issues

Once again, we’re reaching deep into the grab bag… a mysterious album brought to us by a mysterious listener: The Mysterious Mark H. Past harbinger of Black Messiah and FFS, Mysterious’s latest recommendation came with precious few clues, apart from it being dubbed “a curveball”, thus distinguishing it from his previous picks. Without letting on too much, the album is called Headspace by the band Issues. (And do bear with us, as, in all great mysteries, the “big reveal” is nothing without its share of red herrings.) Also stick around for a light discussion on personal thresholds for musical components.