Ep. #30 – Feat. Matt Donnelly, Paul Mattingly, & Jacob Smith

Come celebrate the 30th episode of the series by hearing about Matt’s chance honeymoon encounter with Matt Donnelly, Paul Mattingly, and Jacob Smith of Matt & Mattingly’s Ice Cream Social, a podcast out of Las Vegas and spinoff of Penn’s Sunday School Podcast (which Matt Donnelly co-hosts with Penn Jillette). Matt & Paul—successful comics who were found teaching improv classes aboard the Celebrity Summit cruise ship, en route to Bermuda—graciously agreed to meet with Matt Storm for an impromptu podcast under the Autographs banner. In front of a small audience, hear them talk about the origin of their show, the state of comedy, and the difference between pushing the envelop and advocating reprehensible behavior. Cruise with them all by pressing play!

*Special thanks to the guys for letting me use their equipment for the recording.

Next Interview:
w/ Ruben Romero

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  1. Great show guys!
    A bit surprised on Jacob’s Led Zep thing. I am with Matt, the host, on that one. Actually, I am a lot closer to Pete Townshend on that one, lol. I’ve been listening to a good bit of Queen lately too.

    • Thanks Scoop-O-Steve! It’s not often I find someone who agrees with me on that. I had a blast chatting with the ICS crew and it made a full fledged scoop out of me! I listen every week now. I even have a scoop name now. Scoopmageddon.


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