Ep. #56 – Feat. Matt and Mike Gevaza of Continental Recording Studio

This week, Matt speaks with the owners of Continental Recording Studio, based in Long Island City, Matt & Mike Gevaza. With Mike serving as the company’s chief engineer/producer while Matt focuses on the business development side of things, the two brothers have grown their studio into a thriving outlet for artists of all kinds, right in the heart of New York City. With our host, Matt, they discuss the origin of the studio, their background as musicians, and the struggles faced by a physical recording space in the modern music landscape. They also chat about the variety of artists they have recorded, the future of the studio, and their presence on YouTube with a new series called Uncomfortable Covers.

Next Interview:
w/ Joe Adragna of The Junior League

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  1. Here is the cover we specifically mention in the episode. Enjoy!

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