CCP Ep. #145: Glean by They Might Be Giants

Today’s artist, the incomparable They Might Be Giants, represent a welcomed throwback in the course of this series. For those interested in our analysis of their 2013 album, Nanobots, be sure to check out CCP Ep. #38. For their latest project, Glean, you’re just a play-button away! Their seventeenth studio release, They Might Be Giants seem to have no shortage of ideas as they use Glean to unload all of their rants, musings, wordplay, and involuntary spasms. As for our topic, stick around for a lighthearted chat on the un-‘soundly’ world of “music trash-talking”.

Next week’s review:
Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance by Belle & Sebastian
Guest: Andy Heidel

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