CCP Ep. #185: Heron Oblivion by Heron Oblivion

Come and join us on an excursion through the debut, self-titled release, Heron Oblivion by, you guessed it, Heron Oblivion. Composed of seasoned musicians Charlie Saufley, Meg Baird, and former Comets on Fire members Ethan Miller and Noel Von Harmonson, Heron Oblivion lies on the fringes of psychedelic rock… and we want to see what makes it tick! Bear with us for this full album analysis and let us know your feelings below. Also, stick around ’till [1:19:50] for an interesting conversation on the concept of mood music (sometimes derisively called “musak”). Is society guilty of isolating, partitioning, and oversimplifying moods in music, or rather of condemning the confidently one-dimensional? These questions — and some scary predictions — on this week’s Crash Chords Podcast!

Next week’s review:
In the Magic Hour by Aoife O’Donovan

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