Ep. #107 – Feat. The Return of Insane Ian

In this episode, Matt welcomes back nerd, comedian, game enthusiast, and musician Insane Ian! The two catch up on Ian’s life since his last Crash Chords appearance 3 years ago. Their conversation ranges from Ian’s appearance with Beefy (“I Don’t Get It”) on Vince Vandal’s latest record, FNFII: Advanced Friends & Fandoms, to his project with fellow comedy musician TV’s Kyle called Scooter Picnic and their latest song “This Groove (Is Too Dope For Us).” They also talk about Ian’s upcoming solo work, his YouTube series “1st Ian-pressions,” as well as how recent life events have affected his focus and his music.

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  1. Also check out Ian’s Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/insaneian

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