Ep. #88 – Feat. Kate Nyx

Today Matt welcomes Kate Nyx: songwriter, showgirl, seamstress, and wrestling enthusiast from Philadelphia, PA. Her latest singles “Bet It On the Bootstraps” and “Changeling” can be found on her bandcamp along with her last full-length record Sage & Silver Bullets. With Matt, Kate discusses her love of wrestling, her clothing line Closet Champion and what it’s like to design costumes for wrestlers. They chat about her podcast Bump and Grind, which she co-hosts with her husband, the wrestler Ophidian the Cobra, and they chat about the wrestling-themed burlesque show Tasselmania as well as “GLOB: Gorgeous Ladies of Burlesque.” And so, from her online store to her neighbor’s annoying dog and the struggles of back pain, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Kate Nyx.

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